My Work

I am a historian who specialises in early modern history. I am interested in the social histories of rebellion, poverty, gender and deviance as well as colonialism in the English Atlantic world (particularly with regards to Barbados, Virginia and Massachusetts).

As of Michaelmas term 2021 (that’s October to all the normal folk) I have returned to university to study for an MPhil in Early Modern History at the University of Cambridge. During this course I am researching privateering, colonial companies and the origins of enslavement in the English Atlantic world alongside taking taught modules in global and social early modern history. This work builds upon my undergraduate specialisms in the English Atlantic world 1607 – 1692 (during which I wrote essays upon Indigenous resistance and interaction with English settlers, the codification of race and how ideas of wilderness were developed in colonial promotional literature).

Prior to returning to post-graduate study I shared my knowledge of social, global and colonial stories via a range of institutions whilst teaching in south London schools. I have written original copy and shaped the content of BBC Bitesize’s history pages, contributed to the Oak National Academy and am part of a team of authors writing a new series of KS3 history textbooks for Hodder Education.

I am a firm believer in rigorous histories that do not shy away from uncomfortable questions.

Further work/publications:

BBC Bitesize – I was involved in the development of pages upon Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, African presence in Tudor England , the Reformation and migration and empire amongst others.

Oak National Academy – Working as part of a team of teachers I provided support with topics on the Columbian exchange as an enquiry into who lived in the English Atlantic world providing resources on settlers and the Powhatan people. I also wrote, resourced and recorded my own set of lessons upon Elizabeth I’s connections to the wider world.

‘Teaching History’, secondary history journal of the Historical Association – I have written varying articles upon my work bringing archival research and the work of historians into the secondary classroom. These include pieces on expanding our teaching of the Tudors and Stuarts beyond the court and England and teaching the witch-hunts through the work of historians and archival material.

Historical Association – I have given talks for the historical association to teachers on resources for teaching African presence in Britain pre-Windrush, the agency of women in early modern rebellions and Elizabeth I’s connections to Ireland, the Americas and the Islamic world.

Schools History Project – I have been involved a number of times with sharing approaches to colonial and global history via the Schools History Project. In Autumn 2020 I organised and convened a webinar on teaching early America and the Caribbean leading a conversation with specialist historians. In the proceeding summer I provided my thoughts on the teaching of contested histories in a panel on GCSE specifications focused on the Plains Conflicts. I have also provided talks online and in person workshops on teaching the witch-hunts, Tudor rebellions, the lives of Tudor women and Tudor and Stuart connections to the wider world.

Imperial War Museum – As part of the centenary events 2014 – 2018 I provided resources and materials to the IWM Great Debates series on the experience of Irish soldiers in WWI. This material involved the wider stories of the Easter Rising, the Somme and the war in memory in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.