About Me

In my element in my era.

One thing to know about me is that my head has been permanently in a history book since I was about seven years old.

The other is I am a sometimes writer of ‘Teaching History’ articles and former teacher. I have written publicly about significance, the witch-hunts and widening the Tudor and Stuart worlds beyond Henry VIII and the Civil War to include cross-cultural encounters. You may have heard me speak at Historical Association Secondary workshops or at SHP on these subjects.

In the classroom I carved out a successful career and was the Head of History at a high achieving south London boys school for some years. As a former FSM child and the first in my family to study post-16 I was (and still am) passionate about disadvantage, social mobility, representation, and increasing uptakes of history at A-Level and University.

As a historian my heart lays in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and I hold a particular passion for the social histories of the era as well as the English Atlantic world. A theme which I have currently returned to at Cambridge University, where I am currently researching for my MPhil in Early Modern History with a focus on Global and Atlantic World history.

Besides history, I have had more hair colours than Henry VIII had wives. In fact the classy brunette look in the profile picture has currently been replaced by a neon fuchsia pink.

You only live once, so why not have a head that resembles a cheap highlighter?